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OnAirFundraising President Roger Gomoll has a vision:
Pledge drives don’t have to be dreaded – by station staff or listeners.

Back in the old days, Roger Gomoll managed the messages of pledge drives the hard way: with sets of recipe cards for case and close messages held together with ring fasteners. The trouble with those cards was that he couldn't really control which messages the on-air talent would use.

Then he tried using Word and Excel documents to organize the messages. This method required many hours of tedious updating and revising on the fly was a nightmare.

"There must be a better way," sighed Roger. "Maybe a collection of case/close messages and a scheduling grid could be combined to work interactively?"

Months of searching for the right software engineer paid off when Roger found Luke. The first prototype that Luke put together is amazingly similar to the PledgeDriver software we use today.

OnAirFundraising LLC had its official start in July 2006 when it launched PledgeDriver with the support and encouragement of DEI (now called Greater Public) at that year's PMDMC in New Orleans. Those who saw a demonstration of the software were quick to grasp its advantages, and by that fall a number of stations were already planning their pledge drives with this new "power tool." Today, PledgeDriver continues to evolve into a better tool through our clients' ideas and suggestions.

In addition to PledgeDriver®, OnAirFundraising offers proven and innovative on-air fundraising methods and ideas to public radio fundraisers through on and off-site consultation, monthly webinars called Tuesday Huddles, and information posted on this website.

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