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President Roger Gomoll has worked in the field of public radio since 1975. His first 23 years were with Minnesota Public Radio in positions ranging from board operator, classical music announcer, field recording engineer and producer, on-air fundraising manager to station manager. In 2000, he became a DEI (now Greater Public) consultant. Roger joined PRI in 2004 as Manager of Distribution Services. In 2012, he became an independent consultant to stations for on-air fundraising. Roger was honored to serve on National Public Radio’s Distribution and Interconnection Committee.

Roger is a classically trained tubist and pianist, and plays in several musical ensembles. He is a lifelong pilot and holds certificates for glider, single and multi-engine airplanes, and is instrument rated.

CEO Elizabeth Williams Gomoll has been an avid listener and supporter of public radio for more than four decades. While Executive Director for the Rochester (MN) Symphony Orchestra, she directed annual on-air fundraising weekends on a local commercial radio station. Under Liz's leadership, the RSO Radiothon raised more than a half-million dollars in contributions from individuals and businesses.

Elizabeth was awarded regional recognition as an exceptional non-profit administrator, and was a successful grant writer and development professional. In addition to managing the business side of OnAirFundraising LLC, Liz is a professional flutist and performs in several ensembles. She is also a professional genealogist, and earned her private pilot’s license in 1992 - before she even knew Roger.

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