"Roger Gomoll helped us be clear, concise, and listener-focused with our on-air drive messaging. As a result, we raised as much as we ever have before in a lot fewer days." - Jeff Ramirez, VP for Radio, KERA/Dallas TX

Drive Strategy and Planning, Production, and Coaching
More than three decades of experience in public radio have uniquely equipped Roger Gomoll to be an effective on-air fundraising consultant. He has coached countless station managers, development directors, program directors, pledge drive producers, and on-air talent to do more than just “Sit, Stay, Beg.”  Roger's expertise, insight, patience, and good humor allow him to quickly integrate into your station’s fundraising team.  His on- or off-site consulting is tailored to your station's needs. Advance planning can include: drive strategy and goal setting, break planning, effective use of premiums and matching challenges, script writing, and coaching scriptwriters and on-air talent. During your drive, Roger does excellent work as producer, coach, and a fresh on-air voice.

Roger Gomoll's Message/Method/Accelerator Approach to PledgeDrives
During pledge drives, public radio stations behave a lot like commercial radio stations. The main difference is that the public radio pledge drives have only one commercial sponsor that delivers its message about 4 times per hour in 4-minute chunks, and that sponsor is the station's membership department. 

Un-engaged pitching is like a TV commercial. If it sounds like a commercial, people treat it like a commercial. They disengage until the good stuff comes back on. Great broadcasters understand that the listeners who are the most engaged in what is on the air are the listeners most likely to contribute. Coaching of on-air talent should encourage them to speak to those engaged listeners by demonstrating that they're just as engaged in presenting the programming.

Message is about what is said during the drive. This is where the General Manager and Development Director choose what messages effectively communicate the mission and values of the station. Short, 30-second case points are determined in advance to describe what the station does, and its relationship with its listeners. These messages are paired with "closes," which are essentially sales pitches. Three or 4 pair of case and close messages might add up a 4 to 6 minutes. Just like commercial messages for a for-profit station, these points must be included in a break.

Method is about how these points are communicated in each individual break during the drive. It's formatics. Storytelling. It's the connection made between the announcer and the listener. This is where the Program Director can help the drive succeed. And it's where the skills of your on-air talent are especially valuable to seamlessly fold in all the elements of a good break - transitions, time/temp, intros, forward promotes, and of course, the pledge messages.

Accelerators is Roger's term for those elements that add incentive, excitement and fun to pledge drives. Some examples are premiums, challenges, sweepstakes, audio spots, contests, and listener response opportunities. Used well, accelerators can keep your listeners tuned in and interested. Accelerators are not reasons for your listeners to support your station; they can be incentives to give now or at a higher level.

     "Roger Gomoll understands the tumultuous nature of pledge drives from the planning stages all the way through to the thank you letters. He can answer any question you have. But Roger was more than just a consultant. During the drive he became a dedicated and integral member of our fundraising team. His advice played a key role in the success of our first three-day drive. We couldn't have done it without Roger and the PledgeDriver team!"   - Jacob Breeden, Director of Membership, High Plains Public Radio

     "Working with Roger Gomoll on our pledge drive was a very rewarding experience. Roger is a great coach; his analysis gave encouragement to our on-air staff, and also helped us in the areas where we needed improvement. Our pledge drives have become more focused, and we're doing a much better job of telling our story, thanks to Roger."  - Michele Jansen, Station Manager, KBEM/Minneapolis MN

Script Writing
PledgeDriver subscribers have access to more than 1,100 professionally written case and close messages. OnAirFundraising can also provide custom-written scripts - whether you use PledgeDriver or not - that focus on how your station serves your community.

OnAirFundraising and PledgeDriver can help you MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT.

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