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Introduction to PledgeDriver® 

Imagine a pledge drive where the on-air hosts remind listeners why they value their station and inspire them to support it. They say just enough about challenges, goals, and thank you gifts to keep it interesting. They give the website and phone number often. And the breaks are short enough to keep listeners from tuning away so you can achieve your drive's goals.

With PledgeDriver® you can give your drives that kind of focus. This web-based software tool enables your pledge drives to meet the same broadcast standards that your listeners have come to expect when they tune in for your regular programming. It equips producers and hosts to use on-air fundraising scripts that complement your station’s direct mail and major giving approaches.

Based on the proven method of case/close pitching for two on-air hosts, PledgeDriver® equips producers to assemble break plans from more than a thousand professionally written messages and print ready-to-read scripts with the click of a mouse. Plan your breaks weeks – even months in advance. Revise in minutes. Organized script "bins" and day/hour grid makes the work of planning breaks fast and easy.

PledgeDriver® makes planning so simple that you’ll have time to do what you always meant to do with your on-air fundraising: define your drive goals and use messages strategically to MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT to achieve those goals.

There are two ways to use PledgeDriver®
For inexperienced pitchers, you can generate complete scripts. For more experienced pitchers, PledgeDriver® can work like a message rotation manager. The goal: encourage live pitching to include the best practices of quality broadcasters, including references to stories or music just heard, and the traditional break elements. This is what we refer to as Method.

Current PledgeDriver Stations - See a list of networks and stations, large and small, that use PledgeDriver to make their drives sound more focused and effective.

To arrange for a personal online demonstration of PledgeDriver®call 651-797-2161 or email .

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