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Introduction to PledgeDriver®

PledgeDriver® makes planning so simple you'll have time to do what you always meant to do with your on-air fundraising: define your drive goals and use messages strategically to MAKE EVERY WORD COUNT and achieve those goals. 

This web-based software enables your drives to meet the same broadcast standards your listeners expect when they tune in to your regular programming. Producers and hosts will be given language that complements your approach to direct mail and major giving asks.

Based on the proven method of case/close pitching by 2 on-air hosts, PledgeDriver equips producers to assemble break plans and produce ready-for-air scripts with the click of a mouse. Plan breaks in advance, revise on the fly.

PledgeDriver Stations - See a list of networks and stations, large and small, that use PledgeDriver to make their drives sound more focused and effective.

For a demonstration of PledgeDriver®call 651-797-2161 or email .

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