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Make a Bin a Rotator: Select the bin, the click +/- above the bin name to open that bin in the Bin Manager. In the Bin Manager pop-up where it says "Is Rotator," select True and click Save. An ® will appear by the bin name and ID to indicate it is now a rotating bin.

Un-Rotate a Bin: Repeat the steps above. Choose False for Is Rotator, and Save. Your bin now operates as usual. Messages entered in while in rotation will remain in your grid.

Using Rotator: Click each cell where you want messages from the Rotator bin. You do not need to go back to the bin to select a message. As you click each new cell, Rotator will automatically insert the next message in the bin.

New Day: The sequence of rotated scripts will continue throughout the drive.


  • The rotation of messages will flow sequentially from left to right across the hour, not vertically through the break.

  • Avoid using messages from the same rotating bin in the same break, unless there are many messages in that bin.

  • If you add, delete, or edit a script in a rotating bin, the change will not take effect until some action for that bin is applied to the planning grid - new placement or replace and existing placement.

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