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Benefits of PledgeDriver:

  • Plan in advance, revise in moments
  • Concise messages mean shorter breaks, less interruption to programming
  • Scripts can be read from any internet connected device - or print them
  • Professional and volunteer hosts sound focused and well-informed
  • Track frequency and distribution of messages to achieve drive goals
  • Import station's existing message to private bins
  • Ensure on-air messages are consistent with other development efforts
  • More than one person at your station can work on your account at the same time
  • Work on your drive from anywhere or give your off-site consultant access to your account

Conveniences of PledgeDriver:

  • Accessed from any computer
  • Customized planning grid and message bins
  • More than 1,600 case and close messages can be used as-is or edited
  • QuickStart script sets are a fast-track to planning
  • Rotator automatically distributes messages throughout your drive
  • Station call letters, phone, and website inserted automatically into messages
  • Copy and paste hours or days to other drive parts or future drives
  • Tokens eliminate the need to update messages before drives
  • Import your existing talking points in minutes
  • Talent Dashboard allows hosts to read scripts from any internet connected device
  • Dashboard Chat provides instant messaging between producer and hosts

Your Subscription to PledgeDriver Includes:

  • Unlimited training and user support
  • All upgrades and enhancements
  • New case and close messages added regularly
  • Network audio content files to schedule during breaks
  • Exclusive PledgeDriver Huddles
  • Exclusive From the Heart cards for planned personal case messages
  • Software backup every 24 hours

Current PledgeDriver Stations - See a list of networks and stations, large and small that use PledgeDriver to make their drives sound more focused and effective.

For a personal online demonstration of PledgeDriver® contact OnAirFundraising at 651-797-2161 or .

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