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Getting Started or Re-started: We are happy to assist you with setting up your drives in PledgeDriver. Initial and refresher training is included in your subscription - no extra charge. We want you to succeed.

Use any browser except Internet Explorer. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

More than one person can work on your PledgeDriver account at the same. We recommend you determine in advance what each person will do to avoid interfering with each others' work. 

You need to deactivate the pop-up blocker on your computer to allow all PledgeDriver functions to operate properly. There may be additional pop-up blockers within pfishing filters on your system (check Instant Messenger, for example) that may need to be deactivated or adjusted.

There is no auto-save on PledgeDriver, so please save your work fequently by clicking the Save icon.

You are welcome to set up a practice drive in your account while you are learning to use PledgeDriver or if you want to experiment with formats without danger of altering a current drive plan.

Still stuck?  Call Roger or Liz at 651-797-2161 (office) or 651-260-6010 (mobile) or email .

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